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I always like to share information that I find out about, so please take this for what it is. They say it’s bi-partisan so everyone should be happy!

By Molly Malone

Yep, I watch Fox News. I watch and read liberal news equally, but some of my favorite people are on Fox. In particular, I really like Newt Gingrich. Since I don’t have a TV, I get my news by kicking back in my comfy living room chair and chilling with my Mac. Me and Mac. That reminds me; I think “Me and Mac” would be a cool campaign for Apple. Maybe not. I think every Mac owner has their own “personal” story with their Mac.

So here is a website that Mr. Speaker rattled off when he commented on Harry Reid’s outburst today with the media. Newt said that on http://www.americansolutions.com they talk about bi-partisian solutions on drilling. I checked it out since he suggested it (If he told me to jump, I wouldn’t do that. I will check out a website though) and thought you would like to be aware of the site…hopefully so! They’ve already had 1,380,388 people who have signed the petition. I haven’t because I haven’t actually finished reading everything yet. 


Sample of what’s on the site:

MYTH: The U.S. only has a small percentage (from 2-6%) of the world’s oil supplies, and since oil is a global commodity, our increased production won’t affect prices much if at all.

FACT: This estimate of 2-6% of the world’s oil supplies does not hold up to scrutiny.

In oil shale alone, found in the Green River Formation in parts of Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming, the U.S. has approximately 800 billion barrels of recoverable oil, or over three times the proven reserves of Saudi Arabia. This comes from a midpoint estimate in a 2005 RAND study done at the request of the Department of Energy, and a higher end estimate puts the number at over one trillion barrels.

Furthermore, there are vast areas of the United States and its outer continental shelf where it is illegal to even look for oil. Exploration routinely yields additional resources far larger than initial estimates.

Resources from oil shale and additional oil resources that are likely to be discovered are not included in the estimates of American oil supplies.

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