10 Critical Questions Every Investor Should Ask

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By Molly Greaves

I dont know much about Fisher investments, so I decided to try and change that. So, I recently called them to get some information, including their annual report. 

I received the information in the mail the other day, and wanted to share with you what they deem the 10 Critical Questions Every Investor Should Ask–A Portfolio Survival Guide

1. How big does my portfolio have to be for me to reach my goals?

2. How will inflation affect my portfolio?

3. How much money can I safely withdraw from my portfolio?

4. Am I in danger of outliving my assets?

5.  Do I have clear investment objectives?

6. What investment strategy best meets my objectives?

7.  Should I pursue active or passive management?

8.  What’s the best way to assess my portfolio’s performance?

9. Should I manage my own portfolio?

10. What should I look for in a money manager?


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