AIRPLANE RIDES? A BULLDOZER That Fell Through The Only One Lane Bridge In Costa Rica… Are You Serious?

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By Molly Greaves

This is one of the funniest signs I’ve ever seen. It’s sort of hard to see here, but it says AIRPLANE RIDES, and it’s this place in the middle of NOWHERE in Costa Rica that has about 5 junker cars on the lot, chickens running around everywhere, that offers airplane rides. Matt and I thought that was the funniest thing we’d ever seen.  Looked like you definitely might go up, but who knows about how you’d come down.

Here’s the school 5 miles down…I wonder if they worry about “No Child Left Behind” I doubt it.

Even funnier than this though, it that Costa Rica doesn’t have “real” bridges. What I mean is everything is one-lane, and the bridges are also VERY narrow. Most were EXTREMELY nerve-racking to drive across, and one day when cruising to a different town, we got stuck there because a BULLDOZER type thing FELL THROUGH the bridge, causing us to have been backed up FOR HOURS. We waited in this really long line of traffic for probably almost 6 hours. Yep, 6 hours for tons of people to stand around wondering what in the heck they were going to do. We were STARVING and totally annoyed, but the local Ticos seemed to act like it was the norm.  I guess that’s a great example of what being on Tico Time means.

Talk about FRUSTRATING! We wanted to be on the beach or off drinking Margaritas!

And here is what the police station looks like there…for some reason, they never even showed up to the 6 hour debacle. We figured they were stuck somewhere else too.


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