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by Molly Greaves

I recently reconnected with an old friend from college who is now living in San Diego. I’ve been to San Diego, and have a great friend from there, and think it’s lovely there. I’m actually headed to Pacific Beach and Ocean Beach in August I like it so much.

We have AWESOME Hike and Bike Trails that wrap around the lake and the city. Super safe and animal friendly. So much that you’ll find dog water fountains spread out all along the 10 mile trail. Super cool.

And then of course, we have ACL (Austin City Limits)

And who can’t help but LOVE Barton Springs!

Or what about Those Darn Stinky Bats?














We’ve got a beautiful new Convention Center! Toot Toot!

We can paddle around the COLORADO RIVER, which is nice and clean and NOT GROSS or smelly.

Or what about all of the GREAT neighborhoods right around the BEAUTIFUL state capital? 

Plus, not much beats good ol’ Texas friendliness…or the lip smacken good peaches.

Or what about cowboys, muddy trucks, and keg stands? Right after a nice trip down the river. How fun…



Perhaps you’ve heard “DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS?” Well, that’s another reason Austin, and Texas, kick butt. Most people have no idea what it means but have heard it before. The truth is that it is the most effective marketing slogans of all times, just like Coca Cola and McDonalds.




We also have a the largest capital in the COUNTRY–even taller than DC! Did you notice the beautiful day? The sky is almost always beautiful and blue like this each day. It’s lovely.

inside of the dome…I come into the capital very often, and live just up the street actually. It’s fun to see the school kids visit on field trips and look up the dome and spin around and around and around and around. They spin each other too and it’s funny. Not so funny to their teachers usually though.


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