Austin drivers MORE accident-prone than others in Texas, report finds

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When I first moved to Austin, I was in a wreck and my car and body were totaled. Two years later, I still feel the consequences and continue seeing doctors on a regular basis.  Last week, my friend from college who moved to Texas after I did, got hit by a car while she was on her bike. Yep, that was nice. And today, I was at acupuncture and learned my acupuncturist was in a wreck last night too.

All of this comes to me as no surprise since I’ve noticed Austinites can’t drive unless the roads are 100% perfect.  That is, I think, because nobody wants to slow down to accommodate for varying road conditions, because people will not slow down for ANYTHING. As a city, we’ve completely outgrown our infrastructure but have yet to make changes on the roads, and there are way too many cars going way too fast, and they are way too close to each other. THE ROADS ARE DANGEROUS. Remember when Hillary Clinton was in town and her motorcade guy was killed on his way north? That’s just one tragedy.

The accidents and lives taken and lives injured bother me so much in fact, that a few months ago, I met with Texas State Representative Krusee, District 52’s District Relations Manager. At the time, Krusee was in his second term as Chairman of the House Committee on Transportation, so I met with his team hoping to be more involved with bringing effective change before Texas loses more lives. I was very impressed with our meeting.

Perhaps my interest stems from back in 2004 when a little old woman was killed crossing the street while on her way back from a doctor’s appointment.  She had the right of way, but unfortunalely someone else also wanted the right of way. A few months later, someone else was killed.  At the time of that accident, I was in grad school and was working for the University of Pittsburgh’s Division of Geriatric Medicine, since they paid for my schooling, and decided that our office need to be change-agents before yet another innocent person was killed. I even made the local city paper!

Anyhoot, here’s the article for you. Thanks for reading my blog =)

Maybe it’s the near-constant gridlock. Or perhaps it has something to do with locals’ propensity to chat and text behind the wheel. Whatever the cause, a new report suggests Austin’s roads are the least safe in the state.

The national report from Allstate Insurance Co. (NYSE: ALL) examined insurance claims data to determine the likelihood drivers in the 200 largest U.S. cities would experience a vehicle collision compared to the national average.

Austin motorists are 35 percent more likely to be in an accident than the average American driver, according to the report. Those odds are higher than in the other 20 Texas cities in the report. Houston drivers were 23 percent more likely to be in an accident, Dallas drivers 27 percent, and San Antonio drivers 25 percent.

Austinites also have the least time between accidents among Texas drivers. Local motorists average a collision every 7.4 years, more often than drivers in Houston (averaging 8.1 years), Dallas (7.8 years) and San Antonio (8 years).

The report found the safest drivers in Texas in Brownsville, where people are 16 percent less likely than the national average to be in a collision.

Nationally, the safest city for drivers is Sioux Falls, Iowa, where motorists are 31 percent less likely to be in an accident.

Allstate says it insures about 12 percent of the nation’s vehicles.

For more on the report and to see a breakdown of collision data by generation and gender, go to


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