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Gmail outdoes it’s competition in almost every fashion. I dont think that makes hotmail or yahoo bad service providers, instead, it makes Google look like the better, more smartly designed provider, because they are all good at what they do. Especially since they are all free. 

I would also say that Google’s Gmail has the upper-hand when it comes to credibility as well with respect to domain names, at least within a business environment. What I mean by that is: Ya know the thought you get about people when you see their email address, if it’s something like “” or “” The thought that they arent serious customers, and even possibly have considered them spam? You may even see them in your spam from time to time.

Well guess what business folks. The same holds true for or domain addresses COMPARED TO an account. At least  these days within the business space. If you dont have your own domain name (you should think about doing so), and you are trying to create a certain kind of perception about you or your business, your email name and website will play a unique part of building your success. Trust me. So when I say email, I mean the entire email, right down to the part of the address.

Through my education, work experience and trainings, I have learned some very valuable things and lessons. Things I want to share with you. And this is one of them. If you are a small business owner, I want you to understand the imporatnce of your email address when you are dealing with another business, espcially one that is larger, to some what larger than you .

At my last job, I sold software that cost more than 2 brand new BMWs. The only thing that would make my boss put an occassional smile on her face, was when she would get requests for software from people like “” She would laugh and say something like “Oh yea right, Zombie Child thinks I’m going to send him a sample of our software. Hahaha. Hardly.” She would say the same thing to “” for example. This is an email address without it’s own domain, in which case she would say something like  “Oh yea right, John Butler, who cant even afford an email account wants me to think he can just run out and buy 2 BMWs or our software?”

For some reason though, if it were “” she wouldnt have hesitated and said anything. For some reason folks, gmail just carries more weight with credibility. It’s like it’s the next step to your own domain name. I’ve seen it everywhere, and I talk with business folks about it. It’s a theory I know all of my friends and I employed when I was one of the top sales reps at Dell. 

So, to summarize, “” looks like he has waaaay more money and business success than “ BUT, for some reason, “” sure looks like he has more money than “” Ladies and gentlemen, I cant explain it, but I’m confident with my theory. Test me. 

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