So You Want To Be An ENTREPRENEUR? Don’t Jump In Unprepared…

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By  Molly Greaves: Another GREAT resource from The Acton MBA program website









“Bubba,” he asks, “how in the world did you make so much money?” 

“It’s easy,” Bubba replies. “I make these widgets for one cent each, sell them for four 

cents each, and I sell about a million of them a day. You know, it’s amazing how 

much money you can make on a three percent markup.”


Some people portray business as a complex enterprise, requiring the mastery of 

impressive-sounding jargon, complicated flowcharts, and spreadsheets —  a “secret 

society” limited to Fortune 500 CEOs, highly paid consultants and business  

school professors…

This PDF also teaches you amongst other things…

There are three areas of knowledge that are critical for starting a successful business: 

1   In-depth knowledge of the competitive structure of an industry and a network of 

contacts within that industry; 

2  The skills to run the daily operations of a small, rapidly growing company; and 

3  The ability to raise money. 

As you begin a new career, think of yourself as being on a scavenger hunt with three 

bags labeled “industry knowledge,” “running a business” and “capital.” In each bag 

is a list of the items you (or your partner) will need to improve your odds of be- 

coming a successful entrepreneur. While others spend their time at their next job 

standing by the watercooler or having lunch with friends, you will be busy collect- 

ing the knowledge and relationships you need to launch your business. The more 

items you collect before you launch, the better your chances of success. 



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You know, after going through some entrepreneurial resources and sites, I came across the Spirus Group (, and they seem to have found a solution to many of the classic problems faced by would-be entrepreneurs. Specifically, they help you do all the initial development work for your company while you are still at your current job (business plan, hiring, real estate planning, suppliers, etc.) Seems like the right approach to give a business idea a chance to succeed while keeping the risk relatively low. It looks like they can also help with fundraising and a few other things. Worth checking out.

Thanks for your comment. I’ll check the site out later tonight when I’m home from my meeting.


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