Stars & Stepping Stones– Some CHOICES Only Come Around Once

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Posted by Molly Greaves: Another GREAT Resources from ACTON MBA that I thought you should have access to:

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As a teacher of bright, motivated MBA students at a top Texas university, I was 

often approached by a student and asked: “I have to choose between a $100,000 

a year job with Consulting Firm A or a $120,000 a year job with Private Equity 

Firm B? Which one should I accept?” 

I almost always responded by asking: “What is important to you? Why do you get 

out of bed in the morning? What do you want to have accomplished by the time 

you are seventy?” 

All too often, the response was: “I don’t know. I just want to take the best job.” 

I would sigh and flip a coin. It was the best I could do. 

Steven Covey advises “to begin with the end in mind.” This is sound advice. Each 

of us has a spark of divine inspiration that can lead to lifelong goals. Once you have 

discovered these goals and your end purpose is clear, you can begin to set a life plan, 

backing up decade by decade from the end, examining each stage of your life. By 

viewing your life as a continuous journey, you can identify the achievements at each 

stage that will act as steppingstones toward your final goal. As you near the present, 

today’s questions and alternatives will become clearer. 

This note is written to help you consider your long-term goals in life (your “star”) 

and how to keep steadily advancing toward that vision. It is about thinking for the 

long-term, picking a direction and charging ahead; charging confidently ahead, but 

remembering to look up occasionally to keep from charging off a cliff. The objective is not to craft a perfect

plan — life and circumstances change too much for that. You can, however, chart a course toward a

meaningful star,  set philosophical guardrails to mark the path, and lay steppingstones to mark each step in

the right direction. After all, it would be a shame to wander aimlessly through a journey we will all take only






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