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10 Tips To Outclass the Competition and Have Fun Doing It…

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By Molly Greaves

     I mentioned last week that I was going to the University of Texas’ etiquitte class for a friendly reminder, and since I’m back, I thought I’d share with you the TOP 10 things YOU can do to OUTCLASS your competition.

1. Work on your handshake. Having the fish hand or having a grip like Popeye doesn’t give off a professional perception of you, and can completely lose a deal or interview for you. Also, shake at the elbow, not the hand or wrist.

2. Establish Good Eye Contact. There are different places for your eyes depending on the type of your interaction. Business conversations and intimate conversations obviously have different rules of where your eyes should be. 

3. Return phone calls. YES! Or just answer the first time =)

4. Dress for the occassion.

5. Do listen before you speak.

6. Remember names.

7. Polish your host intelligence.

8. Be a savvy guest when accepting an invitation.

9. Work your table manners. Remember to enter your chair from the right-hand side and always work your silverware from the outside in.

10. Say THANK YOU and PLEASE everytime you can.

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