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By Molly Greaves

I am a proud to be a part of the Austin Business Travelers Association, and recently attended an event where Kevn Maguire, Shane Downey and Scott Solombrino providing us with an overview of the NBTA PAC program and ongoing efforts at both the national and local levels. 

Kevin Maguire is the President of the National Business Travelers Association, and we are lucky to have him right here in Austin. That’s quite an accomplishment. The other two folks listed above came in from DC and New York. I’m not sure if anyone knows this, but Austin has a very active Travlers Association and we are some lucky folks to have them. They go to Congress to help implement and encourage change AND make that change happen. They are trying to make life easier for the traveling business person who inconveniently consistently gets stuck behind the 75 year old people that haven’t flown and then are the one’s screened and struggling with their shoes. 

I also think they’re a smart group of individuals too.  So smart, that they are having Alan Greenspan as their guest speaker at their convention next month in California. Pretty cool. 

Anyhoot, here what’s on their August agenda.  Yep, it’s already August. 

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Julie Thomte, of Freescale here in Austin, will be our featured speaker, and will be providing us with an overview of the Freescale global program and the procurement practices used to manage it…including how savings are identified, measured and reported on.  Also, an explanation of the Freescale  tools, scorecard metrics and processes for identifying opportunities and translating to committed quarterly savings.  These emerging trends are great opportunities to further optimize travel programs and highlight key benefits to senior leadership and travel suppliers.

To register, click on the link below and follow the online instructions.  The event page will also have all the details on location, date and time.  If you have any questions, please reply to this email.

Hope to see you there.


——————–Event Details———————
Event:     Julie Thomte – – Global Programs & Procurement Practices
Start:      12 August 2008 (Tue) – 11:15am
End:       12 August 2008 (Tue) – 1:00pm
Duration: 1.8 Hours
Location: Radisson Hotel & Suites (Austin)
Event Link:
(click or paste the above link into your browser to access this event)
Event Code: ETI3503


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