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Pittsburgh Steelers’ Superbowl Parade Pictures. Check them out!

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By Molly Malone


Hines Ward & Ben Roethlisberger

I know these are kind of old, but I know there are tons of Steeler fans out there! Grab your Terrible Towel and enjoy. I used to live in the ‘Burgh, so I was able to go to the parade. And since my boss at Alcoa wassuper cool, I was able to leave nice and early (waaay early) so I could go and get nice positioning downtown. Hope you like the pictures… Yipeee for the Steelers.

Side note–I actually live about 2 blocks away from Austin’s Steeler Bar. It’s fun to go there during the season. People get super excited when they know how many games I’ve been to at Heinz Field.  Many of them have never been further north than Georgia and have a hard time understanding what it’s like to be socold at a game. One thing’s for sure though, we all like the Steelers, and if you’re a fan in Austin, Texas, the best place to be on game day is the Tavern at 12th and Lamar.

The BusCoach CowherArt Rooney-the founding owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers

Just got this picture sent from a game a while back…

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Austin’s Clean Energy Director Closes NASDAQ

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By Molly Malone

I was just reading through some news that I haven’t had a chance to read in detail, and came across this article, and it immediately brought a smile to my face. Austin and the NASDAQ working together like that. How cool.  I’m always so proud of the initiatives that Austin has and how active they are in their community, and am happy to see this achievement for them. This information comes to us via an email from Austin’s Human Capital. 


June 27, 2008 
Clean Energy Director Closes NASDAQ 
The Austin Chamber of Commerce has formalized a partnership with NASDAQ to collaborate on clean energy initiatives going forward. NASDAQ recently approached the Austin Chamber with interest in growing their portfolio of publicly-traded clean energy companies by leveraging Austin’s rapidly-emerging cleantech industry cluster. As a symbol of the partnership NASDAQ’s closing bell was rung by Jose Beceiro, Director of Clean Energy for the Chamber on Wednesday, June 18 at the NASDAQ MarketSite in Times Square, New York City. Beceiro was joined by representatives of the Austin cleantech community. 

The article also says:  NASDAQ is also interested in aligning their long-term clean energy strategy with Austin’s vision of becoming the Cleantech Capital of the World. NASDAQ recognizes Austin’s leadership in clean technology innovation, cleantech startup incubation, sustainability, renewable energy usage, energy efficiency, energy conservation, natural resource conservation, environmental protection, smart grid technologies, plug-in hybrid electric vehicle R&D, alternative fuels, energy storage and public outreach through our CleanTX Forum, SEEN and Clean Energy Venture Summit events. 

To read the whole article, click here


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Funny, Cute, Hairless Dog!

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I do a lot of animal and house sitting in the Austin area, and I recently took care of two hairless terrier dogs! They were so funny and sweet! They had such great personalitites that I was just smiling the whole time I was with them! I thought you’d think these were cute pictures too. This is Roxie.  She even has to wear sunscreen in the summer =) How adorable!

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Yahoo Finance!

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By Molly Malone

I think that Yahoo! Finance is the most valuable asset Yahoo has. Many of you may already use it on a daily basis, but I wanted to make sure that I still put the word out there in case you haven’t.  ENJOY!

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