Rome Around the World…

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By Molly Malone

I’m happily cleaning my place and listening to music. I just blasted “Rome Around The World” by the B52’s and thought I’d post some pics of when I was in Rome.  I went to Rome right before I moved to Texas. If I could figure out how to upload the song here I would love to do that for you. 

I flew into Rome and met up with my friend from Florida who was travelling the world…that lucky duck! Anyway, we went all around Italy and it was fantastic. After traveling around and totally loving life, I left my friend in Venice and went back to Milan to catch my flight back to the US. WHOA did I seriously think I was going to get killed! For real. I took the train back from Venice to Milan by myself which went totally fine and as planned, but then when I got to the train station and hopped in the cab to complete my trip to the airport did I get taken for a whirlwind. These “cabbies” claim to be cabbies and it can be hard to tell and they actually have these “cops” that verify the people are legit. Well the cabbie I got took me on a ride for almost 45 minutes. We drove like a million miles an hour, stole a tank of gas, and listened to some crazy ass Italian tunes. We then got to the airport and he dropped me off and left me curbside like nothing happened, AND he didn’t charge me a dime. Weird, huh?


Here I’m on top of the Vatican. Every time I went into a new city, I always climbed to the top of each and every single duomo.  Never seemed to get old, except I did get sick of being charged to get a little exercise, ya know? I also try to climb up Lighthouses too. Climb, climb, climb.


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