Report: Texas drivers spend 6 percent of income on gasoline

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By Molly Malone

Thank you for checking my blog!! As you may know by now, I’m a fan pretty big fan of the Austin Business Journal. I appreciate the daily business recap email that they send, which really makes getting local business news a cinch! Today they had this article below that I thought was interesting. Even though the headline is TEXAS, there are other states mentioned, and a link to learn about YOUR state if not in this particular state. The fact that Vermont isn’t on here blows my mind.  If they did a % of income to how much people spend on their home fuel, I know for a fact VT would have to be right up there.

Drivers in Texas spend nearly 6 percent of their income on gasoline, twice as much as what drivers in some states spend, according to a report released today by the Natural Resources Defense Council.

The report highlights two areas: state-by-state vulnerability to high oil prices and implementation by states of alternatives and solutions.

Texas is the 16th most vulnerable state when it comes to gas prices. The average Texas motorist spent $2,174 on gasoline in 2007, or about 5.85 percent of income, the report shows.

Motorists in Mississippi, which ranks at the top of the list, spend an average of more than 8 percent of their income on gasoline, while drivers in Connecticut, the least vulnerable state, spend 3.17 percent of income on fuel.

The states in which drivers are most at risk to high gas price increases are Mississippi, South Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, Kentucky, New Mexico, Indiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Iowa.

States doing the most to promote energy-saving policies to reduce oil dependency and protect residents from oil price spikes include California, New York, Connecticut, Washington, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Rhode Island, New Mexico, Colorado and Maryland.

Despite a growing focus on alternative energy, Texas, where the petroleum industry remains a large part of the economy, has a long way to go to wean itself from oil dependency. The report ranks the Lone Star State 36th on the solutions list.

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