Today’s City Hall Meeting: My Topic 3 of 3–Deposit Legislation

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By Molly Greaves

Here’s what I told City Council as the beeper for my timelimit blasted through my point…

“Don’t Mess With Texas” is one of the most successful ad campaigns globally. It’s right up there with “Just Do It” and all of the other slogans out there.  It’s been really effective as far as getting the phrase out, but not having had grow up in Texas, I didn’t know until I actually moved here what it actually meant. I guess I always just thought it was refering to size or something. Like if you have a big house, well “DONT MESS WITH TEXAS” cuz they’ll outsize you 14 houses to one. heheha.” I don’t know, it just never resonated with me. Now that I’m here I know that it’s their anti-litter campaign slogan, and boy is it effective. It’s great and Texas does sooo many things the right way, the FIRST time with almost all of it’s efforts, and I was surprised they’ve ignored bottle legislation.

So, in an effort to “piggy-back” on the city’s ZERO WASTE iniative, I’d like to propose the idea of deposit legislation where Texas would impose a 5 OR 10 cent deposit on returnable bottles and cans. Consumers would then get their money back whey they returned the containers to the stores for recylcing. There are several states already taking advantage of this “system” like Vermont (where I’m from) Hawaii (which I helped with when I lived on Maui), CT, ME,etc. With a name slogan like “Don’t Mess With Texas,” we should be the INDUSTRY LEADERS. Show those other states how we compete. Let’s take charge. Charge Bevo, charge.

Check out the map!

They create jobs, help the economy  and help with solid waste.  Recycling can be expensive and use a lot of energy and it often can be a struggle to find someone to buy the recyclablees. Luckily though, that’s what’s great about bottles! Companies like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Budweiser, etc. pay the store for their bottles on top of the money they gave to consumers. So, if someone brings you a can that is worth 5 cents, the business owner gives the consumer 5 cents for his can. Then when Pepsi comes to collect their bottles and cans, they will pay the business owner something like 9 cents or whatever the going rate is. 

There’s no doubt recycling can make you feel good, but it doesn’t get any better when recycling starts adding up to money in your fanny pack.


Here are some resources for YOU!

Here is a redemption VENDING MACHINE. These are pretty cool too. Love working with “robots.”

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