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What is the BIGGEST investment mistake of all?

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By Molly Malone

DOING NOTHING at all. In today’s world where it’s tough to make it for many, even in a 2 income household, it is still imperative to save and plan for the future. I’m going to purchase some real estate soon to help build my net worth, but I also think paper assets are fine, if diversified properly. Whatever you choose, make sure you choose something because I hate to break the news to you, but if your bank is paying you 10 cents interest per month, or 3% in a CD, you’re going to be in big trouble when you are ready to retire. Very few people are still going to qualify for things like social security, and I truly believe, like many others, that our health and wellness will be in our own ballcourts, equipped with pricetags like you drove wrecklessly through an Astin Martin dealership. 

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