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Business Start-Up Check List

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By Molly Greaves

Howdy ya’ll. Looking to start your own business but not sure how to get started or to make it “official?” Don’t worry, there are a ton of people in your situation. It’s a good situation to be in by the way. It means that you’re on your way to self-employment and entrepreneurship of some sort. Cheers to that. The economy that we are currently experiencing creates more entrepreneurs as more people lose their jobs OR get sick and tired of worrying about losing their job. Perhaps that’s you.

Listed below is information that should be helpful if you are looking to start a new business in the state of Texas.


To conduct business in Texas, contact the Office of The Secretary of State. The office location is 1019 Brazos, Rudder Bldg., 78701. Call them, 512-463-5555.


ASSUMED NAME/DBA (Doing Business As)

Unicorporated businesses must file as assumed name certificate in the County Clerk’s Office in the County where the business is located.



Contact the City Clerk of where your business will be located.



Contact the State Comptroller of Public Accounts for sales tax permit and information. VIsit them: 1711 San Jacinto Blvd, Central Services Building, Ste 180, Austin 78701. Call them, 512-463-4600.



For a federal tax identification number, often referred to as FEIN, contact Texas Workforce Commission/Tax Dept, 101 E 15th St. Austin 78778. Want to call them? 512-463-3196.

** The Commissioner’s Office representing employers provides an information package for employers. Please fax your request for the package to 512-463-3196.



For info on this, contact the Texas Department of Insurance, 333 Guadalupe, 78701. 512-322-3493.  I think this is cool: To become more familiar with basic requirements for worker’s comp in Texas or for a new law guide, a qtrly newsletter, and other information, contact the Texas Workers’ Compensation Commission, 400 S. IH35 Austin 78704. Call them at 512-804-4000.

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How To File an Assumed Name (DBA)

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By Molly Greaves

Here are the instructions on how to get a DBA in Travis County Austin, Texas. I hope you continue to read on whether you live in Austin or not, because the process should pretty much be the same in the county where you live. 

For my fellow Austinites of Travis County, here are the steps for you:

1. Go to 5501 Airport Blvd to conduct a computer search of the county records to make sure the name you want to use hasn’t already been used, aka filed, by somebody else. It take about 3 seconds. It’s sort of like doing a Google search. Seriously.

2. Complete the Assumed Name form.   Once you have the form filled out, grab a number and wait in line to be called. Thankfully the wait wont be (shouldn’t be) as painful as a line at the DMV.

3. File form in the county office. It’ll cost you a little under 20 bucks to get your DBA created at the county level. The fee for filing is $14.00 with one owner and an extra 50 cents for additional names listed. There is also a fee of $2.00 to have your form certified and a $5.00 fee for them to notarize it if you choose to have them do so. And of course the copy fees. Gotta love copy fees. 

Payment: Pay in cash, with a cashier’s check or money order. You can pay with credit card for an extra 3 bucks and they do not accept checks. 

(As someone that hates to pay fees for ANYTHING, I say you use the payment method that is easiest for your record keeping. You’ll want to be sure to have the receipt around tax time). 

Viola! C’est La Vive. It’s that easy folks. I’ll teach you how to create an LLC too, but this is a good way to get started so you can start taking write-offs. 

****** The original Assumed Name form you filed at the county office will be mailed back to you about 10 days from the date you filed it. It will be mailed back to the return address that you verified at the county office. 

The assumed name is good for 10 years! If any changes are made during that time, you will need to file a new form. If you with to continue to use the name at the end of the 10 years, you will need to fill out a new Assumed Name form.

If you discontinue using the business name you will need to file an Abandonment. The fees for that are the same as the Assumed Name (at least as of today). 


Travis County Clerk Contact info:

Dana DeBeauvoir, Travis County Clerk


5501 Airport Blvd, Austin 78751

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