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Early Voting–DONE!

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By Molly Greaves

So I put 8, yes that’s right, 8 quarters in the meter today so I wouldn’t feel rushed when I was voting. Who woulda known that I would have been in and out within 20 minutes, getting directions on how to use the voting machine thing and all? Not me or I would have only used 3 quarters. Ha.

Big sign, eh? I’m 5’3″ and it’s almost as tall as me.  

It feels good to have voted. Although, I must admit, I did pull a fast one on myself at the end, and voted compeletely opposite of how I would have this entire time.

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Austin City Limits Pictures…2008

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By Molly Greaves

I only had my iPhone  on me to take pictures with, so sorry for any issues.


I couldn’t believe people were actually wearing white to the festival. Yellow wasn’t much better. Duh!

This was a 3 day festival and my friends were in from Vermont for all 3 days. It was a blast.




















































































COOLING OFF WITH THE MIST-ER type thing below. It’s perfect for cooling down since ACL is always in the middle of September when temperatures are in the 100’s often times. Luckily not this year. We had “cool” weather this year, only in the 90s. Haha. Oh well, I like it hot.

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Austin ATT Marathon February 15, 2009

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By Molly Greaves
     Austin Marathon is slated for the day after Valentine’s Day. What a great way to spend the day after a romantic holiday running the marathon and having your significant other cheer you on from the sidelines in one of the coolest towns in America. Perhaps you’ll run together…that is, start off together until you kick their butt later in the race.

The picture above is the crowd last year rolling by the street in front of my house.

I’m really hoping that my friends from Vermont will come down and run this one. In fact, this blog is posted as a quick sales tool for them. Their doing Boston and all of these other events, so why not Austin? We kick ass here. Ha.

Get this. Austin is EVEN ranked #1 for the “Greenest Races” according to Runner’s World Magazine.

(here is some of what they say about Austin being a green race. “As if solar generators, a finish-line farmers’ market, organic race tees, and bio-diesel vehicles weren’t enough, the event recycles 14,375 pounds of trash”)


Don’t forget that if you’re new to town, Austin is home to the LONGHORNS and we are serious about our team. We’re number one right now as of writing, and I just thought I’d toss that out there in case you didn’t know.




Here are the VITAL STATS of this raceThe Austin Marathon & Half Marathon

Vital Statistics:

–  13,000 total runners

–  6,000 Marathon

–  7,000 Half Marathon

–  Date: Feb. 15, 2009

–  Start Time: 7:00 am

–  Approximately 40 Bands

–  Certified Boston Qualifier Course

–  Oroweat Health & Fitness Expo 
Friday, February 13 from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. 
Saturday, February 14 from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. 
Palmer Events Center, 900 Barton Springs Rd.

–  Seton Hospital Medical Staff  

–  Average Temperature Range: 44 – 65

–  Elevation: 597 feet


CLICK here to learn all about the race! Hope to see  ya’ll in town February 15, 2009! I’ll be looking for you.

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I made someone’s blog…

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By Molly Greaves

Like every other live music fan in Austin, I love live music, and particularly love Austin City Limits. Last year,  I was a bone-head and accidentally booked a trip to Costa Rica right through the festival dates, so I was so  happy to have it as my main September event this year.


As usual, I met a lot of cool people this year at the festival. One of them even blogged about our meet, and so I thought I’d share it here. I read more of the girl’s blog that posted the below, and it’s really awesome. I like the way she writes. I’ve been laughing my ass off.


” The Foo Fighters were the closing act of the festival. We had time to kill so we grabbed beers and made a pit stop on the way. I had an offer from a guy to purchase one of my handi wipes, but was a good samaritan instead of a good capitalist and just gave him one instead. That kindness would pay off. While waiting for the show to start I met a girl name Molly who went to school in the town where I live. We talked and they shared their blanket. That little bit of southern hospitality was very much appreciated, so thanks to Molly, my new Austin connection – you fucking rock girl!”


To read more of her blog, click here…or HERE. Here is fine too.

My pictures to come soon. I’m not near my camera to upload them since I still havent done that yet.

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AUSTIN RENTAL OCCUPANCY DOWN IN Q3…Only the second time in history that occupancy has fallen during a 3RD quarter

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By Molly Greaves

I’m on a newsletter mailing list and thought this was good to post for my real estate investor friends, AND of course anyone else that happens to be checking out my blog and interested in reading further.

“…After 15 consecutive quarters of increasing rental rates, third quarter put the brakes on Austin’s momentum causing rental rates to stand still and, even more surprising, occupancy to stumble. While not declining a significant amount, down .21%, this is only the second time in our recorded history that occupancy has fallen during a third quarter. Usually, this time frame is bolstered by returning students and in-migration, however an influx of new units left many of the “student-heavy” sectors with little to no gains this time around.

And the new units will keep on coming. Currently there are over 12,000 units already under construction and developers expect to complete over half of these during the next two, historically slow quarters. Expect occupancy and rents to  continue to struggle as the new units are added to the inventory.

To learn more or to obtain the full Multi-Family Trend Report click here:

I use this website a lot and really enjoy their email updates.


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$2.09 for gas today in Austin!!!

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By Molly Greaves


I saw gas for $2.29 today, but just found this article where gas is just $2.09 per gallon!!!!!!  Lucky for me, it’s right down the street on South Congress! 


I decided I should have a “gas”dance. You know how people do rain dances? Well this is a celebration that calls for a dance! Would you like to join me?

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Austin City Limits Festival and then to HAMILTON POOL…

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By Molly Greaves

Hamilton Pool is not a pool. I think it catches a lot of slack for that. It is part of the Texas State Park system, and in my opinion, is like a diamond in the rough.

After hiking a mere quarter mile or so, you come to this sunny opening with a random white-sand beach with an amazing blue-green tiny body of water, that is so clean and cute. There’s an awesome waterfall and it’s really amazing. The cool thing is that although it can get packed, you generally can enjoy this place with the company of your friends and just a few other “lucky one’s” that are on the same trail.

I had friends in from Vermont, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania for Austin City Limits music festival (ACL). We enjoyed the three days of festivals, and then would spend our time in the water. After the shows ended, we went to Hamilton Pool.   

Here are some pics of when we were there. My one friend has her friend there from California. She is pregnant, so hence the dress, even though she later just ended up jumping in fully clothed which was cool!







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MUST-DO checklist for Texas…according to Texas Parks & Wildlife

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By Molly Greaves

I got a pamphlet from the Texas Parks and Wildlife, and it has the top 13 things they claim you “MUST DO” while in Texas.  Here’s what they had listed for ya…and that is me in the picture above on one of many park visits since I am a State Park member!

1. Canoe down the Guadalupe River. (I would suggest floating it as well)

2. Check out Texas alligators. Apparently Huntsville State Park is home to a very healthy alligator population. You can take a cruise from April-November, and best viewing times are at dawn or dusk.

3. Fish Bastrop State Park. Stand along the banks or rent a canoe.

4. Bike Park Road 1C. It’s a 12-mile scenic ride along Park Road 1C and Bastrop and Buescher State Parks.

5. Visit Goverment Canyon State Natural Area. It’s one of the 40 miles of trails for all abilities in this picturesque natural area.

6. Ride in an 1850s stagecoach. Fanthrop Inn demonstrates 19th century life.

7. Check out the exhibits at Sebastopol House. 

8. See a dwarf palmetto plant in Palmetto State Park, which is named after the plant found there.

9. Hike at McKinney Falls State Park. (I am working on a “net-zero” capable home that will be run completely off of solar energy. The neighborhood is slated to start in November and will take about 5 years to complete all of the phases. It will be multi-use, including 550 homes).

10. See a real 1850s farm in action. Barrington Living History Farm wear costumes, greet visitors and share the experience with guests.

11. Tour Kreische Brewery at Monument Hill. A lovely trail connects to the brewery where you can see a historic site and tomb for Republic of Texas patriots. 

12. Play golf at the Lockhart State Park. It’s lush and green with 9 holes. Do it twice!! It’s one of the best kept secrets of the state park system. 

13. Travel along the Lake Somerville Trailway. More than 20 miles are open to horses, hikers and bikers =)

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By Molly Greaves

Every October I make the trek from Texas to Vermont to visit my family. I was fortunate enough to catch the tail end of the foliage, which is always a beautiful thing to be able to experience. The leaves had just peaked as I had arrived since it’s already starting to get chilly up there…even snow is in the forecast now!!

Here is Vermont’s state capitol building. Pretty nice for such a small state. I bet you used to hate having to memorize this state capitol, MONTPELIER, in elementary school. 

This is home to Howard Dean. Oh, Howard Dean. Seems people either LOVE the guy, or hate the guy. I have yet to find anyone who is in the middle.  Regardless of what people think, Vermonter’s as a whole really appreciated all of the great things he did for the state. I think that’s what’s most important anyway.




  I got to hike in the Green Mountains in Vermont, and the White Mountains in New Hampshire. Fun times. High times. High Altitude that is.







Here I am on my snowmobile! Wish there was a bunch of snow so I could go play around. I’ve always been a big Arctic Cat fan.  


I even used to drive my snowmobile to school in high school! Our soccer field was a parking lot for our machines =)


Aren’t the mountains pretty? This was one of many beautifuls views along the drive up in the North East. It’s really lovely there. Wholesome and peaceful too, which is what I admire most about it.












I ALWAYS tour Ben & Jerry’s when I’m home in Vermont. I lived there 18 years, and it’s such a VT classic. Just like Maple Syrup and cows. Oooh yeah!





































And below is the very center of the small town I grew up in. We had one flashing light in the whole community. Here is is. The big building is the Town Clerk’s office, and the other small white building is the video store. That’s right…VIDEO store. They all use VHS still, it’s hilarious. Their neighbors do, so why shouldn’t they?! Cute ONLY now that I don’t live there! Ha. Our town had more cows than people!!






























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Forbes ranks AUSTIN best city for the value

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By Molly Greaves

As an Austin Business Journal member, I have access to all of their postings. Here’s one I thought you’d enjoy.



Forbes ranks Austin best city for the value

When it comes to getting the most for your money, Texas appears to have a lock on the country.

The state’s four biggest cities are among the top 10 on Forbes magazine’s list of the best bang-for-your-buck places in the United States. And garnering the top spot—where the magazine says one’s money goes the farthest—is Austin.

San Antonio is ranked No. 2 on the list and Houston and Dallas rank 4th and 7th respectively.

According to Forbes, “residents of both [Austin and San Antonio] enjoy affordable housing and promising prospects for job growth in coming years.”

Andrew Gledhill, an economist at Moody’s told Forbes that “Texas, as a whole, is one of the few economies that’s performing extremely well because of the energy and technology sectors.”

The worst city for the value this year was Los Angeles, followed by Providence, R.I.; New Orleans; Philadelphia; and Cleveland.

To rank the list, Forbes looked at projected job growth through 2012 in the 40 largest metro areas. Researches then calculated the ratios between each city’s median home price and median income and compared that to Moody’s cost of living index. Other factors included gas prices in each city and year-over-year inflation growth.

Click here to see the full Forbes story.

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