Driving TIPS to Increase Fuel Economy AND Minimize Air Pollution

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By Molly Greaves


It’s a little easier than you might think to get better gas milage with your car or truck. Below are 6 things you can do to try and squeeze more distance out of each gallon of fuel! Got these gas saving tips from http://www.toyota.com. Check them out for more details.

1. CHECK TIRE PRESSURE. Improve your milage by as much as 3.3% by keeping your tires inflated properly.

2. DON’T TOP OFF THE TANK. This negates the gas pump’s anti-pollution devices.

3. AVOID SUDDEN STOPS. Helps maintain and maximize braking capabilities.

4. SLOW DOWN. Fuel economy suffers at speeds higher than about 65 mph and drops significantly above 70mph.

5. MINIMIZE WARM-UP TIME. When you start a vehicle in the cold, it still only needs a short amount of time to warm up.

6. LIGHTEN UP. The lighter your car, the better the milage. Try not to carry excess weight, otherwise you can reduce your fuel economy.


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