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By Molly Greaves

Every October I make the trek from Texas to Vermont to visit my family. I was fortunate enough to catch the tail end of the foliage, which is always a beautiful thing to be able to experience. The leaves had just peaked as I had arrived since it’s already starting to get chilly up there…even snow is in the forecast now!!

Here is Vermont’s state capitol building. Pretty nice for such a small state. I bet you used to hate having to memorize this state capitol, MONTPELIER, in elementary school. 

This is home to Howard Dean. Oh, Howard Dean. Seems people either LOVE the guy, or hate the guy. I have yet to find anyone who is in the middle.  Regardless of what people think, Vermonter’s as a whole really appreciated all of the great things he did for the state. I think that’s what’s most important anyway.




  I got to hike in the Green Mountains in Vermont, and the White Mountains in New Hampshire. Fun times. High times. High Altitude that is.







Here I am on my snowmobile! Wish there was a bunch of snow so I could go play around. I’ve always been a big Arctic Cat fan.  


I even used to drive my snowmobile to school in high school! Our soccer field was a parking lot for our machines =)


Aren’t the mountains pretty? This was one of many beautifuls views along the drive up in the North East. It’s really lovely there. Wholesome and peaceful too, which is what I admire most about it.












I ALWAYS tour Ben & Jerry’s when I’m home in Vermont. I lived there 18 years, and it’s such a VT classic. Just like Maple Syrup and cows. Oooh yeah!





































And below is the very center of the small town I grew up in. We had one flashing light in the whole community. Here is is. The big building is the Town Clerk’s office, and the other small white building is the video store. That’s right…VIDEO store. They all use VHS still, it’s hilarious. Their neighbors do, so why shouldn’t they?! Cute ONLY now that I don’t live there! Ha. Our town had more cows than people!!































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Hey Molly,
Thanks for posting these pictures of VT. I recently moved from MA to DFW and I am having serious VT withdrawals. I am (was) an avid Green and Whites hiker. I spent most of my time in the Randolph area, andStowe, but I’ve covered almost every conrner of the state. Someday I might move back, maybe even to VT. Anyhow, thanks for the pics, they made my day.

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