5 Tips on How To Eat Less

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According to Women’s Health magazine, 80% of people who lost weight and kept it off had something in common: they ate less. Below are some simple tricks to cut back:

1. TURN OFF THE TV. Researches at UMass found that people watching TV consume 300 more calories while watching TV.

2. SLOW DOWN. Cut calorie intake by 10% just by taking a moment to breathe between bites, according to researchers at the University of Rhode Island. It takes 20 mintues for the “I’m full” signal to get from your brain to your belly.

3. SERVE SNACKS IN A DISH. And then put away the package 🙂 This way, you’ll be less likely to eat an entire bag of chips in one shot.

4. GET A CHANGE OF SCENERY. Australian researchers found that visual distractions can help curve cravings.

5.  ADD PROTEIN TO YOUR DIET. Protein is digested slowly by your body so it makes you feel fuller longer. Protein also helps build muscle and muscle burns fat, so eating protein is important if you are trying to lose weight. Adding foods such as egg whites, beans, and low fat cottage cheese will boost your protein intake and help you feel fuller longer.

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