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Nickname(s): Boo-Boo, The Booman, Monkey

Age: 2.5 and am a proud to have been born and raised in Texas. I love my state and my country. My mom says I’m  “One Patriotic Kid”

About me/Hobbies/Things that make my tail wag: Hi, I’m Barton. I have an active social life and just love to play with other dogs and I particularly like big dogs. My best friend is a german shepard, Zoe, and my other best friend is a yellow lab, Marley. My favorite things to do are eat and play with tennis balls.  Did I mention eating? I’m always looking for snacks and tying to find  balls. That’s what I do best.  My mom always says that “it’s not easy being the fat kid’s mom” and never shares food with me. She’s always been really strickt about that and it’s sooooo depressing. She even recently put me on a diet!! Golly was I upset about that!  I’m really active though, and spend a lot of time on walks and runs. I love to be outside getting exercise. When I’m really, really happy, I “straight-tail it” and wag my tail really, really fast. I also usually do a ton of laps around the couch.  I never bark unless someone is at the door, unlike most little dogs. I have a sister Olive, who is a cat,and man, do I love her. She doesn’t like me as much as I like her, and I’m not sure why, because all I want to do is play with her. Mom says it’s because cats are like that. I think she’s snobby. Mom always lets me have friends over and will drive all over town just so I can have fun. So, if you want to get together, please let me know and I’ll put ya in my calendar. Wink.

Favorite Toy(s): tennis balls. I really like the small ones, but I love them all. Even the big softball-sized ones. Most people don’t think I can fit the softball- sized balls in my mouth. I always do, , even if the ball is bigger than my head.  I’m tennis ball crazy and always do whatever it takes to have a good time.  I’ll fetch a tennis ball over and over and over and over and over again. It never gets old because tennis balls are so awesome and cool. Oh, and if the tennis ball has a squeaker in it, I will love the ball even more. I love squeakin’ squeakers, especially when my mom is on the phone.

Favorite park(s) in Austin:  Anywhere I can be off leash because I like to play with others. Red Bud Isle, Emma Long,  Bull Creek are probably my top 3.

I Play Well With:  big dogs, little dogs, children and I love cats as long as they  are nice to me. I get along well with everyone and am not aggressive at all, but I usually like big dogs the most. I love kids, but I do not like them chasing me.

Dislikes: I hate being left at home.  I’m a pretty social guy and the ladies love me, so why should I want to be home alone? I mean, this is Austin. I’d rather be playing with friends, out making new friends or flirting with the ladies. 

Not to seem like a complainer, but there is one more thing I dislike: wearing clothes! Oh man, do I hate that. I put my ears down, straigen my tail and refuse to walk even one step if I have clothes on. It’s so embarressing and  I refuse to leave the house. Even if  it’s really cold out, I will not wear my jacket. For my own pride, I just cant allow that to happen to me. Luckily, my family understands.

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