When Dudes Where UGGs, Are They DUGGs?

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My first question is: Are Dude Uggs called Duggs? That is the question of the night.

My next question is, why in the heck would dudes wear UGGs?! I didn’t believe that they did so I Googled it to see this for my own eyes. Apparently they do. Wow, the results are funny.

I explained to my co-workers, over my awesome cubicle,  that even mullet, skirt-wearing men with killer bangs wear Uggs (pictured above). I also mentioned the badass shades, which can’t be ignored. My co-workers asked me if this skirt wearing, Ugg hoppin’ guy is in Scotland? I mean, why else would he be wearing a skirt? I replied that I didnt think he was in Scotland, so they immediately assumed he was at Walmart. I laughed and decided that although he isn’t at Walmart, he looks like he’s headed there now, and in a hurry to get there. I don’t know about you, but I wish this guy was my dad.

And then there’s this guy below. Lovin’ his beer and lovin’ his Uggs. And is that a napkin or a tie? I’m not sure, and I do not see a wedding ring so I’m wondering and assuming this guy wears Uggs to get the ladies? He must and I’m wondering how that is working for him.

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