Fast 50 Companies

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By Molly Greaves

Looking for a career change or just interested in local Austin business? Well here are the Fast 50, ranked by % growth from ’04-’06. I got the information supplied below from the 2008 Book of Lists from the Austin Business Journal. I suggest checking it out in more detail and also checking them out in more detail too.

Cheers, and thanks for taking a look at my blog.

1.   Lago Builders, Inc. (up 538%) 267-0702

  1. Teksavers, Inc. (up 457%) 255-8935
  2. Ascendant Technology  (415%) 346-9580
  3. Wintegra, Inc. (241%) 345-3808
  4. NetQoS, Inc. 334-3713
  5. Cody Pools 835-4966
  6. Native Land Design 918-2270
  7. International RAM Associates 343-1115
  8. Troux Technologies, Inc. 536-6270
  9. RenewData 276-5500
  10. Burt-Watts Industries, Inc. 275-0881
  11. Austin Ribbon & Computer 452-0651
  12. Richlund Ventures, Inc. 467-7170
  13. 888-360-8764
  14. Gila Corp DBA Municipal Services Bureau 371-9995
  15. Bury + Partners 328-0011
  16. Builder Homesite Inc. 371-3800
  17. 472-5797
  18. Main St. Ltd. Dba Main Street Homes 327-8620
  19. QuantamDigital, Inc. 837-2300
  20. Keller Williams Realty 327-3070
  21. Four Hands, LLC 371-7575
  22. nFusion Group, LLC 716-7000
  23. Solar Winds 866-530-8100
  24. CWS Corporate Housing 837-3028

Here is the other half of the Top 50, but these are for companies with Revenue less than $10M, ranked by % growth from 2004-2006.

1.   Genesis Today (up 1030%!)858-1977

2.   Clarity Resource Group, LP 491-8004

3.   Kodiak  Assembly Solutions 275-1700

4.   IF Marketing & Advertising 930-5558

5.   Intelligent Logistics 238-6874

6.   ProfitFuel Inc. 637-3000

7.   Spotnana Inc. 347-1711

8.   Medical Present Value, Inc. 795-9529

9.   Flooring Solutions (up 300%) 335-8089

10.                 Barton Medical Corp. 476-7199

11.                 Technology Navigators 637-9881

12.                 Projeckt202 LP 485-3070

13.                 AVAI Ventures Inc. 301-9445

14.                 Affiniscape Inc. 366-7100

15.                 Omega Broadcast Group 251-7778

16.                 PeopleAdmin Inc. 997-2502

17.                 CL Carson Inc. 266-9797

18.                 Bulldog Solutions Inc. 652-2546

19.                 Anue Systems 527-0435 (up 176%!)

20.                 21st Century Technologies Inc. 342-0010

21.                 Falcon Storage 231-9603

22.                 New Era Portfolio Inc. 928-3200

23.                 Sentient Services LP 288-5985

24.                 PrintGlobe Inc. 454-5985

25.                 PMB Helin Donovan LLP 258-9670

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Austin companies considering four-day workweeks. Switch cuts costs, saves energy, boosts morale, employers say.

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Austin companies considering four-day workweeks

Switch cuts costs, saves energy, boosts morale, employers say.

Monday, July 14, 2008

With energy costs on the rise and gas prices hovering around $4 a gallon, some employers are proposing a solution likely to delight many workers: mandating a four-day workweek.

The notion of ditching the traditional five-day workweek in favor of a shorter week with longer daily hours has caught on with some Central Texas employers, who say that having a four-day workweek reduces operating costs, conserves energy and helps boost employee morale and productivity.

Hays County could move to a four-day workweek to save fuel and utility costs under a proposal by County Judge Liz Sumter that is being considered by the Commissioners Court.

“Fuel is eating our budget quite a lot,” Sumter said.

The Travis County sheriff’s department has long had patrol officers work four 10-hour days per week. Maj. Darren Long, who heads the corrections bureau, said the department schedules officer shifts to overlap during the peak patrol hours each day, between 9:30 p.m. and 2 a.m.

Long said the department is considering implementing four-day workweeks in other areas in hopes of reducing costs and conserving energy. Some offices might be able to shut down for one day a week, which could significantly reduce utility costs, he said.

At St. David’s HealthCare, nurses can use a self-scheduling system to create their own workweek. A supervisor monitors the staffing to make sure the nurses are available when they are most needed throughout the day.

“In health care, it works very well,” said Bonnie Clipper, chief nursing officer at St. David’s Medical Center. “It promotes a lot of flexibility in the work schedule, so our nurses can work any days they want as long as they communicate with their supervisors and the needs of the department are met.”

Newly elected Austin City Council Member Laura Morrison said during her campaign that she would push larger companies to switch to four-day workweeks.

“People spend a lot of time traveling to and from work and being jammed in traffic,” she said. “If you could do that for four days instead of five, it gives back some of that time to your own life, and it will get some of the cars off of the road and hopefully decrease some of the congestion.”

Next month, Utah will become the first state to switch to a four-day workweek for thousands of government employees in a yearlong experiment aimed at reducing the state’s energy costs and commuters’ gasoline expenses.

The order, issued by Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr., will affect 17,000 of the 24,000 state workers. Turning off the lights, the heat and the air conditioning on Fridays in 1,000 of 3,000 government buildings will save about $3 million a year in a state budget of $11 billion, according to the governor’s spokeswoman, Lisa Roskelley. The state will also save on gasoline used by official vehicles, but authorities have not figured out how much.

Though Texas state agencies might voluntarily offer flex scheduling for employees, a mandatory four-day workweek for all state employees — which would shut state offices on Fridays — would require legislative action, said Allison Castle, a spokeswoman for Gov. Rick Perry. The governor’s office has not heard any buzz about a shortened workweek, but Perry probably would not support the idea, Castle said.

“Texans expect their state government to earn a week’s pay for a week’s work, just like they do,” she said.

Katie Buster works at the Austin Humane Society from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Thursday. She said the longer hours are worth it for the extended weekends.

“I’d rather work longer shifts anyway because it makes the week go by a lot faster, and you get an extra day to do whatever you want,” she said.

Lisa Starr, a spokeswoman for the Humane Society, said 10-hour shifts work better because shelter workers spend three hours each day cleaning and disinfecting the animal containment areas before they open to the public for seven hours.

Though having the four-day shifts does not raise or lower costs for the shelter, it does improve staff morale, she said.

“The nature of this job is so physically and emotionally taxing that having three days off in a row is very much needed, and it allows for more of a respite for the employees,” Starr said.; 445-3851

Additional material from staff writers Corrie MacLaggan and Andrea Lorenz and The Associated Press.

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About Molly

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By Molly Greaves

I recently found this group and now I’m happily going to attend as many events as possible in the future.  It’s a great resources for local Austinites, and I even met some folks from down in San Antonio.  Nice.


Meet and discuss opportunities for starting and growing business in Central Texas in the Solar Energy Industry.


Vision: To establish Central Texas as a leading center of Solar Innovation

Purpose: Provide networking opportunities for professionals to generate and attract Solar Energy businesses to Central Texas.

Who should attend?

  • Entrepreneurs who are starting, or looking to start a solar-based business
  • Investors looking to invest in the fast growing solar industry
  • Technologists looking to share ideas for new products or services
  • Employers in the solar field looking to hire people
  • People looking to join solar startups
  • Attorneys, Bankers and service providers interested in growing with the solar industry


Solar energy, including photovoltaics, solar thermal, or concentrated solar power, is growing at a
rate of over 30% per year and is forecast to be a $70B+ industry by 2012. Central Texas is well
positioned to become one of the nation’s leading centers of innovation for this exciting and
important technology. With resources like Austin Energy, the Clean Energy Incubator, the
University of Texas, and a strong base of venture capital and entrepreneurial talent, Austin can,
and should, compete with other areas in establishing or attracting solar energy startups. It takes
individuals and investors like you with a passion for renewable energy and a willingness to get
involved in starting and growing new companies to make it happen. We welcome you to join us,
network to find people with similar goals, or just be SEEN with solar entrepreneurs.
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Austin drivers MORE accident-prone than others in Texas, report finds

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Posted for YOU from Molly Greaves —–Source-Austin Business Journal

When I first moved to Austin, I was in a wreck and my car and body were totaled. Two years later, I still feel the consequences and continue seeing doctors on a regular basis.  Last week, my friend from college who moved to Texas after I did, got hit by a car while she was on her bike. Yep, that was nice. And today, I was at acupuncture and learned my acupuncturist was in a wreck last night too.

All of this comes to me as no surprise since I’ve noticed Austinites can’t drive unless the roads are 100% perfect.  That is, I think, because nobody wants to slow down to accommodate for varying road conditions, because people will not slow down for ANYTHING. As a city, we’ve completely outgrown our infrastructure but have yet to make changes on the roads, and there are way too many cars going way too fast, and they are way too close to each other. THE ROADS ARE DANGEROUS. Remember when Hillary Clinton was in town and her motorcade guy was killed on his way north? That’s just one tragedy.

The accidents and lives taken and lives injured bother me so much in fact, that a few months ago, I met with Texas State Representative Krusee, District 52’s District Relations Manager. At the time, Krusee was in his second term as Chairman of the House Committee on Transportation, so I met with his team hoping to be more involved with bringing effective change before Texas loses more lives. I was very impressed with our meeting.

Perhaps my interest stems from back in 2004 when a little old woman was killed crossing the street while on her way back from a doctor’s appointment.  She had the right of way, but unfortunalely someone else also wanted the right of way. A few months later, someone else was killed.  At the time of that accident, I was in grad school and was working for the University of Pittsburgh’s Division of Geriatric Medicine, since they paid for my schooling, and decided that our office need to be change-agents before yet another innocent person was killed. I even made the local city paper!

Anyhoot, here’s the article for you. Thanks for reading my blog =)

Maybe it’s the near-constant gridlock. Or perhaps it has something to do with locals’ propensity to chat and text behind the wheel. Whatever the cause, a new report suggests Austin’s roads are the least safe in the state.

The national report from Allstate Insurance Co. (NYSE: ALL) examined insurance claims data to determine the likelihood drivers in the 200 largest U.S. cities would experience a vehicle collision compared to the national average.

Austin motorists are 35 percent more likely to be in an accident than the average American driver, according to the report. Those odds are higher than in the other 20 Texas cities in the report. Houston drivers were 23 percent more likely to be in an accident, Dallas drivers 27 percent, and San Antonio drivers 25 percent.

Austinites also have the least time between accidents among Texas drivers. Local motorists average a collision every 7.4 years, more often than drivers in Houston (averaging 8.1 years), Dallas (7.8 years) and San Antonio (8 years).

The report found the safest drivers in Texas in Brownsville, where people are 16 percent less likely than the national average to be in a collision.

Nationally, the safest city for drivers is Sioux Falls, Iowa, where motorists are 31 percent less likely to be in an accident.

Allstate says it insures about 12 percent of the nation’s vehicles.

For more on the report and to see a breakdown of collision data by generation and gender, go to

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by Molly Greaves

I recently reconnected with an old friend from college who is now living in San Diego. I’ve been to San Diego, and have a great friend from there, and think it’s lovely there. I’m actually headed to Pacific Beach and Ocean Beach in August I like it so much.

We have AWESOME Hike and Bike Trails that wrap around the lake and the city. Super safe and animal friendly. So much that you’ll find dog water fountains spread out all along the 10 mile trail. Super cool.

And then of course, we have ACL (Austin City Limits)

And who can’t help but LOVE Barton Springs!

Or what about Those Darn Stinky Bats?














We’ve got a beautiful new Convention Center! Toot Toot!

We can paddle around the COLORADO RIVER, which is nice and clean and NOT GROSS or smelly.

Or what about all of the GREAT neighborhoods right around the BEAUTIFUL state capital? 

Plus, not much beats good ol’ Texas friendliness…or the lip smacken good peaches.

Or what about cowboys, muddy trucks, and keg stands? Right after a nice trip down the river. How fun…



Perhaps you’ve heard “DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS?” Well, that’s another reason Austin, and Texas, kick butt. Most people have no idea what it means but have heard it before. The truth is that it is the most effective marketing slogans of all times, just like Coca Cola and McDonalds.




We also have a the largest capital in the COUNTRY–even taller than DC! Did you notice the beautiful day? The sky is almost always beautiful and blue like this each day. It’s lovely.

inside of the dome…I come into the capital very often, and live just up the street actually. It’s fun to see the school kids visit on field trips and look up the dome and spin around and around and around and around. They spin each other too and it’s funny. Not so funny to their teachers usually though.

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Stevie Raaay Vaughn, An Austin Legend

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 By Molly Greaves

They love Stevie Ray Vaughn here in Austin. They also love Janis Joplin and Willie Nelson. Quite a few cool singers have come out of Austin. Matthew Mcconaughey and Sandra Bullock are from here too, and so isn’t Lance Armstrong. There might be some others, but I’m not so much into celebs so I’m not the best source for that sort of info.

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Hi, How Are You? Coming To You From Austin, Texas…

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by Molly Greaves

Us folks here in Austin are pretty lucky that when we do actually see grafitti, it’s classy. This HI, HOW ARE YOU frog is a classic Austin piece, and people have t-shirts and items where they sport the logo , and I even saw someone wearing one the last time I was in California. It’s on “The Drag” on UT’s campus, and also right near my house.

Anyway, when I write to you, I’m almost always going to be writing from you from my front porch in sunny, warm, Austin, Texas. I have palm trees and bamboo that provide perfect shading, and I couldn’t ask for a better spot to relax.

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Donald Trump: The Trump Institute Is Coming To Town And I’m Registered!

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Yay, am I excited!!!

I attended Donald Trump’s The Donald Trump Way to Wealth Seminar 2 weeks ago, and now I’m going to the School of Real Estate.  I can’t wait. It’s Friday, Sat and Sunday only and boy will it be intense!! 

I’ve signed up for the Rich Dad Poor Dad’s seminar as well, and am also looking forward to that. I’ll start blogging what I learn if you’re interested!

Maybe I’ll even see you at the class!!!



The Seminar

Who Should Attend?

Everyone should attend, especially those who want to improve their lives through financial success with real estate investing and building businesses.

What You Will Learn at this Live EventThe Donald Trump Way to Wealth Seminar will introduce you to Donald Trump’s “secret recipe” for success – a combination of the right knowledge and the right mindset to create unlimited riches.

As you’ll discover, there are two great ways to create wealth – owning a business and investing in real estate. Donald Trump is a master of both, and his strategies for both have been packed into this Seminar.

When you attend The Donald Trump Way to Wealth Seminar, you will learn how to get wealthy with real estate and how to build a successful business.

How to Get Wealthy with Real EstateAre you drawn to real estate investing? At this exciting live event, you will learn about:

  • The Trump Way to get cash back when you buy a property
  • The Trump Way to find great deals in the hidden markets
  • The Trump Way to build your real estate empire, property by property
  • The Trump Way to get the government to rent your properties
  • The Trump Way to negotiate with bankers… and win big
  • The Trump Way to make terrific deals on real estate in a buyer’s or a seller’s market
  • The Trump Way to retire early on your investment income

How to Build a Business that Will Make You Rich

If your dream is to be your own boss, you will learn about:

  • The Trump Way to get people to jump-start your business
  • The Trump Way to structure your business for maximum profit and protection
  • The Trump Way to build your power team the right way
  • The Trump Way to finance your business without putting up your house
  • The Trump Way to stop paying high taxes
  • The Trump Way to build your retirement account quickly and live the lifestyle of your dreams
  • The Trump Way to be your own boss… forever

You can have all this priceless knowledge and much, much more.  But you must be willing to take action.  So don’t miss out – register now!


Due to the popularity of the program, seating may be limited.   Attendees must make advance reservations and arrive no later than 30 minutes before the start of the Seminar in order to take advantage of the available seating (doors will be closed promptly at the start of the Seminar.)  We encourage you to invite a guest to attend the Seminar with you, such as a family member,  a friend, or a business associate.

Not In Austin?

They hold Seminars in different cities every week. To find an upcoming Seminar location near you, visit the zip code search.

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