145 Simple Steps to Save the Planet by Ruth Cullen

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I recently bought The Little Green Handbook- 145 Simple Steps to Save the Planet, and below I am sharing all 145 steps with you.The book is by Ruth Cullen.

  1. Fill your recycle bin
  2. Know your recycleabes
  3. Unscrew your caps
  4. Re-purpose your plastic
  5. Get mileage from your shoes
  6. Donate your clothes
  7. Simplify your life
  8. Recycle your cell phone
  9.  Swap your books and magazines
  10.  Pack your garbage can (gargbage compacting to it’s true size)
  11.  Use biodegradable bags
  12. Pick up litter
  13. Dispose of toxins in the right way
  14. Compost your organics
  15. Fix leaks
  16. Install water saving devices
  17. Drink tap water
  18. Use the dishwasher
  19. Scrape your plates
  20. Take shorter showers
  21. Turn off the faucets
  22. Use a rain barrel
  23. Reuse dirty water
  24. Water at dusk and dawn
  25. Kill weeds kindly
  26. Nourish plants naturally
  27. Plant hardy varieties of grass
  28. Use a push mower
  29. Sharpen your mower blades
  30. Xerscape your lawn
  31. Plant trees strategically
  32. Add mulch and compost
  33. Turn off the lights
  34. Set a timer
  35. Change your lightbulbs
  36. Dust!
  37. Decorate with LED lights
  38. Unplug your appliances
  39. Replace old appliances
  40. Clean your filters
  41. Shut the fridge door
  42. Wash in cold water
  43. Air-dry your stuff
  44. Charge your cell phone in your car
  45. Lose the leaf blower
  46. Get an energy audit
  47. Dress for the weather
  48. Install a programmable thermostat
  49. Insulate your home
  50. Regulate your water heater
  51. Reverse ceiling fans
  52. Forget the fireplace
  53. Don’t use space heaters
  54. Go solar
  55. Consider geothermal heating and cooling
  56. Consider wind power
  57. Avoid the over
  58. Downsize your pan
  59. Consider a solar over
  60. Use cloth towels
  61. Say no to aerosols and solvents
  62. Clean green
  63. Service systems regularly
  64. Pot a plant
  65. Keep a handle on humidity (prevent mold and mildew in your home)
  66. Avoid commercial air fresheners
  67. Light green candles
  68. Check your cookware
  69. Hire a green contractor
  70. Use low or no-VOC products
  71. Explore alternatives to wood
  72. Embrace essential oils
  73. Set traps
  74. Try natural remedies
  75. Power off at the end of the day
  76. Switch to energy star computers
  77. Work from home
  78. Opt for e-mail
  79. File documents electronically
  80. Think before you print
  81. Fill the blue bins
  82. Reuse office supplies
  83. Recycle ink cartridges
  84. Streamline supplies
  85. Buy recylced paper products
  86. Choose nontoxic pens and adhesives
  87. Use a plain paper fax machine
  88. Use dishes (instead of styrofoam)
  89. Brew coffee with a reusable filter
  90. Pack a mug
  91. Bring your lunch
  92. Encourage eco-conscious catering
  93. Avoid short trips
  94. Drive the speed limit
  95. Avoid idling
  96. Inflate your tires
  97. Get long-lasting treads
  98. Remove bike racks and accessories
  99. Take the stairs
  100. Hit the streets
  101. Ride a bike
  102. Drive a hybrid
  103. Share a ride
  104. Shop with a purpose
  105. Be an educational consumer
  106. Buy in bulk
  107. buy local
  108. Buy organic, earth-friendly products
  109. Read labels (make sure it says “certified organic, or 100% recycled”)
  110. Buy secondhand
  111. Use reusable bags
  112. Remember your bags
  113. Opt for cloth (napkins)
  114. Buy bleach free recycled paper products
  115. Buy plastics by the number (look for recycling arrow symbol and usually 1 & 2, but the number varies depending on where you live)
  116. Avoid number 3 & 7 plastics
  117. Avoid disposable products
  118. Shop for natural fiber
  119. Buy recycled jewlrey
  120. Beware chemical contaminants
  121. Support fair trade
  122. Join a farmers’ co-op
  123. Know the dirty dozen–learn which fruits and vegetables are most susceptible to pesticide contamination, and always buy them organic)
  124. Drink green spirits
  125. Eat your greens
  126. Be responsible in front of your family
  127. Teach your children well
  128. Wash your children safely (use all natural products)
  129. Choose cloth diapers
  130. Buy eco-friendly toys
  131. Give green gifts
  132. Buy rechargeable batteries
  133. Use a chalkboard (vs paper)
  134. Buyer beware–seek out certified organic, all-natural products and materials for your home
  135. Support green businesses
  136. Plan ahead
  137. Take an eco-trip
  138. Find a green hotel
  139. Recycle on the go
  140. Tread lightly
  141. Lobby your leaders
  142. Vote smart
  143. Buy carbon off-sets
  144. Support green institutions
  145. Do one thing green
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10 Ways To Help Protect the Climate

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According to Austin Energy, below are 10 tips on how to better conserve energy, save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

1. WALK, BIKE or RIDE THE BUS: I rode the bus and walked everywhere I needed to go for years when I lived in Pittsburgh. I stayed in great shape and felt healthier, even though it made my wallet fatter from all of the savings from not maintaining a car.

2. DRIVE SMART: Maintaining your vehicle and keeping your tires properly inflated saves money on fuel AND reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Double win!

3. INSTALL COMPACT FLUORESCENT LIGHT (CFL) BULBS: They are 75% more efficient, last up to 10 times longer and produce less heat than conventional bulbs. A single CFL can save you more than $80 over its lifetime depending on local electric rates. Yet, the small amount of mercury contained in these CFLS has gotten numerous Americans to worry about their health and the environment. Did you know that if every household replaced one conventional bulb, the CO2 reduction would be equivalent to taking 1 million cars off the road! Make sure you change at least one bulb today…

4. PURCHASE ENERGY STARPPLIANCES: ENERGY STAR appliances save you money by using less energy, which also means fewer greenhouse gas emmissions. Your local energy company may offer rebates for swaping out your old appliances for new ENERGY STAR appliances. Check with them today!

6. CONSERVE WATER! It takes a lot of energy to transport, treat and heat water. You can use LESS water by installing low flow showerheads, faucet aerators and low flow toilets. Wondering where all of your water usage is going? Check out this water use calculator today! http://www.ci.austin.tx.us/watercon/calculator.cfm

7. USE YOUR APPLIANCES EFFICIENTLY: To save both water and energy: only run a fully loaded dishwasher or washing machine; put a thermal blanket on your water heater if it is more than 10 years; and use the warm/cold or cold/cold settings on your washing machine. If you don’t run full loads, be sure to adjust your water settings to not use more than necessary per load.

8. REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE: It takes a lot of energy to make, package and transport products. Making products out of recycled materials uses less energy than processing never used materials.

9. COMPOST FOOD WASTE: By composting food scraps and yard trimmings, you keep these materials out of the landfill, where they would produce methane gas. Methane gas has 23 times the heat trapping capabilities of CO2. By composting, you can avoid production of this gas and return much needed nutrients to the soil. Or, you can fill the bellies of local pigs by giving them your food scraps:)

10. USE YOUR VOICE!! Share the tips you’ve read here with others. We can all make a difference, one person at a time.

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