10 Ways To Help Protect the Climate

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According to Austin Energy, below are 10 tips on how to better conserve energy, save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

1. WALK, BIKE or RIDE THE BUS: I rode the bus and walked everywhere I needed to go for years when I lived in Pittsburgh. I stayed in great shape and felt healthier, even though it made my wallet fatter from all of the savings from not maintaining a car.

2. DRIVE SMART: Maintaining your vehicle and keeping your tires properly inflated saves money on fuel AND reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Double win!

3. INSTALL COMPACT FLUORESCENT LIGHT (CFL) BULBS: They are 75% more efficient, last up to 10 times longer and produce less heat than conventional bulbs. A single CFL can save you more than $80 over its lifetime depending on local electric rates. Yet, the small amount of mercury contained in these CFLS has gotten numerous Americans to worry about their health and the environment. Did you know that if every household replaced one conventional bulb, the CO2 reduction would be equivalent to taking 1 million cars off the road! Make sure you change at least one bulb today…

4. PURCHASE ENERGY STARPPLIANCES: ENERGY STAR appliances save you money by using less energy, which also means fewer greenhouse gas emmissions. Your local energy company may offer rebates for swaping out your old appliances for new ENERGY STAR appliances. Check with them today!

6. CONSERVE WATER! It takes a lot of energy to transport, treat and heat water. You can use LESS water by installing low flow showerheads, faucet aerators and low flow toilets. Wondering where all of your water usage is going? Check out this water use calculator today! http://www.ci.austin.tx.us/watercon/calculator.cfm

7. USE YOUR APPLIANCES EFFICIENTLY: To save both water and energy: only run a fully loaded dishwasher or washing machine; put a thermal blanket on your water heater if it is more than 10 years; and use the warm/cold or cold/cold settings on your washing machine. If you don’t run full loads, be sure to adjust your water settings to not use more than necessary per load.

8. REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE: It takes a lot of energy to make, package and transport products. Making products out of recycled materials uses less energy than processing never used materials.

9. COMPOST FOOD WASTE: By composting food scraps and yard trimmings, you keep these materials out of the landfill, where they would produce methane gas. Methane gas has 23 times the heat trapping capabilities of CO2. By composting, you can avoid production of this gas and return much needed nutrients to the soil. Or, you can fill the bellies of local pigs by giving them your food scraps:)

10. USE YOUR VOICE!! Share the tips you’ve read here with others. We can all make a difference, one person at a time.

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