Setting Goals and Real Estate for example

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By Molly Greaves

Setting goals: 

I do best if I put myself on a deadline, so I’ve decided to set up some goals for my real estate efforts. To be sure you set goals that can work for you, make sure they are:

-Clear and defined

– Reachable

-Time defined (set deadlines)

-Measurable to determine success

-Have identifiable action steps

– Tell others about your goals to help keep you in alignment with what you’re trying to achieve.

So, for example, here is what I said…

I want to add an extra 10k/month to my annual income.  I’m going to do this by creating a long-term income stream that will pay me residuals. So, I’m going to buy investment properties and aquire rental properties which will yield that level of income.

I’m also working on a mortgage pool, which will offer somewhere around 13%-15% interest, and be backed by a first lien position on real estate. If you know of any investors that might be interested, please let me know; they’ll love you for it, and I’ll handsomely reward you for your efforts. 

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Austin’s Famous Bats…the same bats who making our bridges stinky!!

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By Molly Greaves

Went and saw the bats last night. I love how when people are in town visiting, they never seem to be able to catch the bats.  Even if they dont see them though, they sure can smell them. Whoa can they stink up a bridge! I ride my bike around town and can always tell the bridges where the bats are living.  It’s OK if they’re smelly though, because they are great for our environment.

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Ice Cream Festival…Yum, Yum, Yummy!

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By Molly Greaves

My friend Alisha and I went to the Ice Cream Festival today.  What a fun time. Alisha is my friend that moved to Texas a few months after I did about 3 years ago. 

 Boy do I love being able to get roasted corn on the cobb around town!



I thought this “Redneck Recycle, Don’t Mess With Texas” guy was kind of funny…

they had a popsicle stick contest, where people could use 1,000 sticks I think. This one was pretty cool!

They also had a SCREAM for ICE CREAM contest, which I thought was also pretty nifty.

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My Recent High-Tech Career Recruiting Event…Jr. Software Developer, Director of Marketing, Email Marketing Manager and Affiliate Managers needed in Austin!

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My friend Jim is the founder and CEO of the Lending Tree of Insurance,– a very cool, profitable company with a bunch of software guys. They’re growing rapidly and in are in need of a Jr. Software Developer with .Net and C# experience, a Director of Marketing, an Affiliate Manager, and an Email Marketing Manager.

Being self-employed allows me to get involved with things like this…Here I am at a High-Tech Career Night Fair event where I served as a recruiter for   The woman to your right was there also as a recruiter as well. She was there independently and was snagging people from the booths even though she never paid for booth space. There were a bunch of people there that did that, including this one gal I recognized from a group I’m a member of.  Anyway, here in this picture, we were waiting in line for some food—I got the jalapeno poppers and then took the jalapeno out, gulping up all of the cheese instead, and everyone thought that was the darn funniest thing. Ha.  These same people also enjoyed chicken wings, but unfortunately I have issues eating things off of bones so I stuck with the poppers…I love chicken though. Something about nawing off the bone just grosses me out, ya know? Makes it seem a little too real and caveman-ish for me. I wish I didn’t feel this way because I’d incorporate things like ribs into my diet. Can’t pass up the free smells though. 

By the way, I’m still trying to help them out, so please let me know if you’ve got a hot lead for me. I’ll reward you handsomely, and will be sure to fill your piggy bank until it explodes. I promise it will be enough to pay your mortgage for a month or two. It’s a win for you, a win for me, a win for the new hire, and a win for Jim. Awesome.

The company offers VERY competitive salaries and benefits, free beer, flexible schedules, and a cool work environment, just to name a few perks. 

Here’s a bit more…

Are you on Linkedin?  View my linkedin page and see how we’re connected!


All Web Leads, Inc. is one of the most successful online lead generation providers to the US insurance industry. Our amazing team of extremely talented and successful individuals uses internet marketing to turn consumer interest in insurance products into policy sales for most of the largest insurance carriers (and their agents) in the world. Our growth over the past several years has been remarkable. We are a tight-knit team with a fast paced, energetic, and entrepreneurial company culture. We are highly profitable and Austin-based. We provide competitive pay, excellent benefits, and a fun and collaborative work environment.
Please send ONLY QUALIFIED resumes to
Anything spam I’ll report so make sure it’s just good old resumes you send me.
***Make sure the resumes are qualified for the positions, and not OVER qualified either. That’s been a problem with the Junior Software Developer position. We’ve gotten tons of people with 7+ years, which is too many for the position. The person would be bored and would want more salary, even though the salary is GREAT, but only GREAT for a JR. Developer, not Sr. level, ya know?
We are currently seeking a Director of Marketing to design, develop, and manage our marketing strategy. This person will utilize an array of marketing channels (print, email, conferences, trade shows, website, etc) to build our brand, grow our customer network, and enhance communications with all vendors, partners, and customers.    Responsibilities:        

1. Design & Deploy Marketing Plan
a. Create, implement, and measure the success of a comprehensive marketing, communications, and PR plan. Plan should utilize on and off line marketing campaigns and tactics to build the brand, generate sales leads, build strategic partnerships, and increase number of customers.
b. Develop/implement demand creation and lead generation strategies to support customer acquisition in order to aggressively grow leads and customers.
c. Design budget. Determine resources needed for the plan and create budgets for all marketing projects.
d. Purchase advertising and track effectiveness of ad spend.
e. Planning and management of all marketing communications in support of branding and business development initiatives.
f. Track results. Create metrics for measuring success of all marketing programs including but not limited to modeling of Customer Acquisition Costs, Lifetime Value, and Return on Ad Spend Investment.
g. Make staffing decisions and manage the Marketing budget.
h. Actively participate in and contribute to strategic brainstorming sessions.
2. Develop Marketing Materials
a. Develop electronic and printed marketing materials such as brochures, sales letters, speeches, direct mail, email campaigns, newsletters, magazine ads, SWAG, and stationary.
b. Publicity, including press release writing and placement, special event planning and management, and feature article writing and placement.
3. Manage Online Presence
a. Oversee website development. Work with web developer, graphic designer, and content writer to enhance online presence. Ensure that web based content backs up and extends overall marketing message. Research and contribute ways to add value to online customer experience.
b. Use internet marketing techniques to promote product and brand. Monitor blogs and read industry journals and articles. Join relevant internet groups. Purchase advertising space.
c. Execute and expand online marketing initiatives through email campaigns, affinity programs, content placement, viral marketing, and website promotion.
d. Develop and implement search engine optimization strategy in order to maximize organic search rankings.
4. Tradeshow and Conference Research and Coordination
a. Coordinate convention scheduling and planning. Provide sales collateral and generate ad copy to support convention representatives.
b. Business conference management and participation, including exhibition planning, development and merchandising.
c. Special event planning, execution and management, including seminars, teleconferences, and networking events.
d. Presentation planning, writing, and development.
e. Relationship development, including networking at conferences and other industry events, one-on-one business development calls.
5. Brand Development
a. Planning and management of corporate brand building initiatives. Protect and grow brand identity on and off line.
b. Develop and implement strategic Viral Marketing and supporting media plans, in order to ensure expanded brand awareness.
6. Market Research & Strategy Planning
a. Research opportunities to expand product line and develop supporting marketing campaigns and promotions.
b. Collaborative involvement with the executive team in strategic market planning. (new products, services and business development initiatives)


1. Minimum of five (5) years of experience in a corporate marketing role with hands-on involvement in marketing communications.
2. Highly organized self-starter.
3. Ability to operate independently and in a team environment with little supervision.
4. Excellent project management and organizational skills.
5. Strong written & oral communications and presentations skills.
6. Ability to set priorities, multi-task, and maintain flexibility in a changing environment.
7. Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook, and PowerPoint.
8. Outstanding conceptual and visual design skills.
9. Understanding of website development process and HTML.
10. Ability to travel when needed.

Hours: Full-Time
This job is salaried.

Listed at Austin, TX.
The email marketing manager is responsible for all aspects of email marketing. You will work closely with the web marketing team to generate both B2C and well as B2B sales leads. Additionally, you will assist in the design and coordination of our email newsletter, customer feedback campaigns, and customer referral programs. You should be the expert on all matters related to email marketing including tools, technology, best practices, white lists, email marketing laws, graphics design, ad copy creation, A/B testing, metrics gathering and analysis. This person will report directly to the Chief Marketing Officer.    Responsibilities:        

1. Be an all around expert on email marketing. Advise executive team and marketing organization of potential changes to email marketing through researching legal rulings, technical advancements, best practices, and new software releases.
2. Manage all email marketing projects from start to finish. Design graphics, copywriting, messaging, A/B testing, metrics monitoring, and maintenance.
3. Manage and grow email subscriber lists. Create lead generation campaigns, newsletters, surveys, customer loyalty programs, etc.
4. Research and propose new ways to monetize email database (cross sells, affiliate offers, etc).
5. Design more efficient ways to increase conversions on campaigns with demographic/ geographic/psychographic segmentation, personalization, targeting, and testing.
6. Analyze deliverability and maintain good standing with isps, email providers, and spam detectors.
7. Research and experiment with cutting edge email software. Define requirements for any custom software that should be developed by in-house engineering team to increase email marketing campaign performance.
8. Manage any external vendors and resources as needed.


1. Expert knowledge of email marketing best practices, software packages, legal regulations, spam laws, and overall list management strategies.
2. Minimum of three years working on email campaigns and five years general web marketing experience.
3. Experience managing successful email campaigns including content development, targeting, analysis of metrics, and testing and tweaking of graphics and messages
4. Understanding of basic internet programming languages such as HTML, JavaScript, and PHP.
5. Knowledge of internet protocols such as TCP/IP, HTTP, IMAP/POP, and SMTP.
6. Highly detail oriented. A “number cruncher”.
7. Thorough understanding of KPIs and analytics for measuring success of email campaigns and optimizing their effectiveness.
8. Proficiency in graphics manipulation programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia products.
9. Excellent oral and written communication skills. 

Hours: Full-Time
This job is salaried.

Listed at Austin, TX.

We are seeking a highly motivated, focused, entrepreneurial and proactive Affiliate Manager. The Affiliate Manager is responsible for planning, developing, and maintaining the Affiliate Program. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in a wide variety of online marketing techniques including affiliate marketing, search marketing and email marketing.
1. Identify and recruit top producing affiliates. Build and maintain relationships with them. Respond to questions and requests
2. Identify, contact, and facilitate the integration into multiple affiliate networks and manage those relationships on a long-term basis
3. Research and analyze the affiliate industry in general. Identify trends and tools that can positively or negatively affect the affiliate program
4. Actively consult with key affiliates on an ongoing basis to increase their productivity by recommending and implementing best practices or promoting additional products 
5. Negotiate payout structures on a cost per lead basis
6. Define and hit monthly revenue goals for Affiliate program
7. Analyze conversion rates on offers and landing pages. Improve performance of Affiliate program and top performing affiliates through data analysis and continuous improvement of graphics, ad copy, landing pages, and messages
8. Manage communications between engineering to ensure all deliverables are met
9. Monitor and control quality for all incoming affiliate leads and provide feedback to improve quality
10. Interface with email marketing department to ensure proper usage of suppression lists, CAN-SPAM compliance, and email best practices for affiliates
11. Analyze reporting and affiliate feedback to recommend strategic improvements
12. Monitor marketing activities of affiliates to ensure policy and legal compliance
1. At least five years experience with web marketing techniques and strategies
2. Expert in online marketing. Solid grasp of pay per click, search engine optimization, email marketing and affiliate marketing strategies
3. Exceptional written and verbal communication skills 
4. Excellent problem solving abilities
5. Highly organized and detail oriented
6. Strong math and negotiation skills
7. Proficient in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.    Hours: Full-Time
This job is salaried.        

Listed at Austin, TX.
Junior Software Developer    We are currently seeking a .NET application developer to help enhance our rapidly growing software platform. You will be joining our existing development team, focusing primarily on developing and enhancing our in-house backend applications. Responsibilities will include gathering requirements and designing architectures for new components, implementing enhancements and fixing bugs for existing applications, implementing an automated test environment for our mission critical applications, complex data analysis and technical problem solving, and developing and executing test plans for new releases. Successful candidates will communicate well with teammates, be proactive, self-motivated and able to rapidly adapt to changes in project priority and adoption of new technologies. They will be comfortable with an agile, fast-paced development environment and must be able develop innovative, reliable solutions to ever changing business challenges.         

Our platform leverages .NET technologies, particularly C# and client-side SOAP web services, as well as MSSQL database, MySQL, PHP, Linux, and Apache. 

1. Minimum three years software development experience
2. Minimum one year application development experience with .NET and C#
3. Solid understanding of object oriented programming concepts
4. Experience with SOAP web services
5. Working knowledge of SQL and relational database concepts
6. Excellent oral and written communication skills
7. Ability to work well independently or in a team setting

Hours: Full-Time
This job is salaried.
Listed at Austin, TX.












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Rome Around the World…

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By Molly Malone

I’m happily cleaning my place and listening to music. I just blasted “Rome Around The World” by the B52’s and thought I’d post some pics of when I was in Rome.  I went to Rome right before I moved to Texas. If I could figure out how to upload the song here I would love to do that for you. 

I flew into Rome and met up with my friend from Florida who was travelling the world…that lucky duck! Anyway, we went all around Italy and it was fantastic. After traveling around and totally loving life, I left my friend in Venice and went back to Milan to catch my flight back to the US. WHOA did I seriously think I was going to get killed! For real. I took the train back from Venice to Milan by myself which went totally fine and as planned, but then when I got to the train station and hopped in the cab to complete my trip to the airport did I get taken for a whirlwind. These “cabbies” claim to be cabbies and it can be hard to tell and they actually have these “cops” that verify the people are legit. Well the cabbie I got took me on a ride for almost 45 minutes. We drove like a million miles an hour, stole a tank of gas, and listened to some crazy ass Italian tunes. We then got to the airport and he dropped me off and left me curbside like nothing happened, AND he didn’t charge me a dime. Weird, huh?


Here I’m on top of the Vatican. Every time I went into a new city, I always climbed to the top of each and every single duomo.  Never seemed to get old, except I did get sick of being charged to get a little exercise, ya know? I also try to climb up Lighthouses too. Climb, climb, climb.

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ANOTHER Reason I Love Central Texas! The Guadalupe and River and Camping…check out the pictures!

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By Molly Malone

What a great weekend! My friend Amy turned 27 last week, and we celebrated by camping on the Guadalupe, just a tad south of Austin. We then floated the river Saturday day, doing the 5 hour float, which is pretty much like floating down a LAZY RIVER, except for 5 hours, with alcohol and without many children.

The weekend was full of a lot of laughs, Miller High Life and Mojito’s, and most importantly, BIRTHDAY SPUNK….we even sang “Happy Birthday” to Amy about 7 times on the river. Fun times.

And boy-oh- boy did I get one WICKED sunburn!!!  Yikes.  I’ve got this gosh-awful uneven tan from being in and out of the water and on and off a tube! My knees are like a fire hydrant, and I even used SPF 50! I have been using the aloe vera so much that I can almost feel Neutrogena’s stock increase in value with each squeeze I take.

Oh, and just so you know, this wasn’t a vacation.  Instead, thanks to the Trump Institute, I was on a business trip.  Yep. Real Estate. I was checking out real estate, no joke.

This is one of many camp sites around the area. All of them are awesome, and most are right on the water.

This shot is from a bridge we crossed while on our way to start floating like these folks! We took an old school bus to get there, which the tubing company drops you off and picks you up with…Nothing like riding the bus. The bus driver blasted songs involving “rivers” on our drives.  He especially loved the songs that also praised Texas, like most Texans seem to.

To the left are some passersby floating by our campsite. The other picture is just a snapshot of the water color captured 



 We were able to get a spot right on the water for our campsite; it was perfect.

My friends Amy and Garrett setting up their tents. We forgot to do this before the sun went down.

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Funny, Cute, Hairless Dog!

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I do a lot of animal and house sitting in the Austin area, and I recently took care of two hairless terrier dogs! They were so funny and sweet! They had such great personalitites that I was just smiling the whole time I was with them! I thought you’d think these were cute pictures too. This is Roxie.  She even has to wear sunscreen in the summer =) How adorable!

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10 Tips To Outclass the Competition and Have Fun Doing It…

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By Molly Greaves

     I mentioned last week that I was going to the University of Texas’ etiquitte class for a friendly reminder, and since I’m back, I thought I’d share with you the TOP 10 things YOU can do to OUTCLASS your competition.

1. Work on your handshake. Having the fish hand or having a grip like Popeye doesn’t give off a professional perception of you, and can completely lose a deal or interview for you. Also, shake at the elbow, not the hand or wrist.

2. Establish Good Eye Contact. There are different places for your eyes depending on the type of your interaction. Business conversations and intimate conversations obviously have different rules of where your eyes should be. 

3. Return phone calls. YES! Or just answer the first time =)

4. Dress for the occassion.

5. Do listen before you speak.

6. Remember names.

7. Polish your host intelligence.

8. Be a savvy guest when accepting an invitation.

9. Work your table manners. Remember to enter your chair from the right-hand side and always work your silverware from the outside in.

10. Say THANK YOU and PLEASE everytime you can.

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I Get To Speak at City Hall!

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By  Molly Greaves

I just locked everything down, and I’m so excited.  I had to set my alarm to wake up at  EARLY this mornig to secure the spot. You have to be within 2 weeks EXACTLY of the next meeting in order to be able to sign up. Luckily I hit my SNOOZE button only once, which was planned, so I was able to talk with the City early enough to score the opportunity!

I’ve got most of my thoughts together, but will let you know when I finalize what I’m going to talk about in case you’re interested.

What I know so far is that I need to utilize my time effectively, and want to cover deposit legislation and also physical mail “spam” at the very least.  We can all sign up to be on the DO NOT CALL phone list, and we can also mark things as SPAM , hoping not to receive crazy stuff from others via email, but the crazy thing though, is it that we are all bombarded with TONS of JUNK MAIL via our physical mailboxes, and there’s really no “opt-out” option. It’s a horrible waste of resources  and if you’re like me, you feel guilty collecting all of the mail you don’t sign up for, and then doing nothing with it.  It’s crazy…at least I think so. The poor mailman has so many other things he should be worrying about rather than the “Sunday Junk Mail Fulfillment.” His poor shoulder =(



Stay tuned my friend, stay tuned.

Date: July 24

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Austin City Limits 2008! I Can’t WAIT!! Here’s The 3 Day Line-up

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By Molly Greaves

One of my friends, of over 20 YEARS now, called me saying she and her boyfriend are coming to see me for ACL this year.  I can’t wait for her to see how Texas Friendly Texas is! Ha.

They’ll be coming down from Vermont, where I grew up, so it should be fun. I live right around the corner from Zilker Park so we should be able to take full advantage of everything, which will make it easier with the heat too. 

Here are some pictures and the schedule…the first picture is Matthew Mcconaughey from Austin. What a hottie.

You can learn more here, but don’t forget to come back to my site afterwards!













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